Regional Council

The Regional Council shall comprise of registered and paying members of the Region consisting of (ordinary and youth members) and is the basic membership body of the association. There shall be five Regional Councils i.e Balochistan Region, Federal, GB & AJK Region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Region, Punjab Region and Sindh Region. The Regional Council undertake resource mobilization and fund-raising in the Region. Advance and promote through advocacy the objectives and purposes of Rahnuma. It receive and consider the regional annual report including financial statements, from Regional Director for onward transmission to the Board of Governance. Maintain record of the enrolled, suspended or terminated ordinary members as well as of those who are eligible to become internal members of the Board of Governance as defined in the Bye-laws. Consider and propose the policy issues within the Strategic Plan Framework for consideration by the Board of Governance. The Regional council provides the platform /forum for sharing knowledge / youth learning and confirm the appointment to the Board of Governance. Assist the Board of Governance in achieving Rahnuma’s objectives in their respective Region and review the performance of the Board of Governance. The Chair appointed by the Board of Governance may delegate authority for smooth function of Rahnuma-FPAP at regional level. It can consider the constitutional amendments and recommend to Board of Governance.