Funded through UN Women Slavery Fund, the intervention was aimed to provide the medial assistant in respect of primary and sexual and reproductive health care services to the most vulnerable and marginalized young girls became a victim of Swara (Minor girls given as compensation) and Child Marriage. It also aimed to provide the primary health care services to their children for their better health status. Through this intervention a total of 350 families and their 700 children were registered for the provision of health care services. In addition, through this intervention 451 Swara girls and Child Marriage survivors were reached out for health services. Through static clinics and mobile camps a total of 2241 primary health care services were provided to the registered and non-registered girls and 2287 services were provided to their children. Moreover, these girls and their families were sensitized on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Through mobile camps and static clinics a total of 2421 family planning and 1555 reproductive health services were provided to these girls and survivors.