Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) is a new concept in Pakistan which is ignored at all government levels. Current national and provincial policies and strategic documents do not adequately address the subject. Although the education system in Pakistan includes population, family planning and reproductive biology modules, there exists no formal curriculum for LSBE because it is still considered as a taboo subject. One of the objectives of adolescent strategic framework of Rahnuma-FPAP is to advocate for the inclusion of LSBE in the secondary education curriculum. In an extremely conservative setting of Pakistan, inclusion of LSBE in the official curriculum of schools requires massive advocacy efforts. This process is proving to be long and cumbersome. In order to address the issue and create conducive environment, a holistic approach is adopted towards awareness and advocacy. Rahnuma- FPAP is also working with other civil society organizations as a taskforce for the LSBE advocacy. Rahnuma-FPAP has joined hands with likeminded organizations to develop a National Alliance and raise collective voices for LSBE. Rahnuma-FPAP is working with Rozan, Rutgers WPF, UNFPA, Oxfam-Novib, Plan International Pakistan and Aahung as a task force. This taskforce has developed the Life Skills Based Education framework for Pakistan.

Rahnuma-FPAP is working with both in school and out of school adolescents and young people. Rahnuma-FPAP works with peer educators, communities, schools, parents, teachers and religious scholars and policy makers. Rahnuma-FPAP is applying the following strategies to implement LSBE in school and out of school.

Life Skills Based Education implementation Strategy
Training of Peer educators on LSBE at Community level
Peer education sessions on LSBE in school and with out of school Adolescents and young people at Youth Resource Centers and Schools.
Training of youth on performing theatre on LSBE related topics
LSBE Theater performances conducted by trained youth in the marginalized communities
Capacity building of staff
Teacher training on LSBE at School
Training for partners on LSBE.
Training of Young leaders & Advocates on LSBE & interactive dailgue with policy makers, Government & civil society members
Resources Developed on Life Skills Based Education:
Gender segregated peer educators tool kits on LSBE in Urdu.
Training manual for peer educators on LSBE.
Pictorial booklets and leaflets on LSBE.
Handbooks for in school youth on LSBE (Boys, secondary school).
Handbooks for in school youth on LSBE (Girls, secondary school).
A teacher training manual based on LSBE.
Short docudramas on LSBE (Fighting Evil, Growing Up, Heaven, Kacha Phal and Red Ink) were developed.

Developed various assessment tools to increase the information level among young people on Life Skills Based Education.
Rahnuma-FPAP has successfully implemented LSBE program in various districts across Pakistan including Lahore, Faisalabad, Chakwal, Vehari, Muzaffarghar, Quetta, Turbat, Karachi, Badin, Peshwar, Mardan, Kohat, Haripur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit Baltistan. The main purpose of this program is to reach out to adolescents and young people and to equip them with the knowledge and skills which can help them to live a safe and confident life. During this initiative, special attention has been given to the fact that a major number of adolescents and young people are out of school in Pakistan. The initiative provides models for both in school and out of school students. Rahnuma-FPAP is also collaborating with the government departments to make LSBE an integral part of mainstream curriculum. During the year 2016 following were the achievement through the LSBE efforts of Rahnuma-FPAP.

Population welfare department of Punjab Governement adapted the curriculum on LSBE developed by Rahnuma-FPAP and its alliances.