Rahnuma-FPAP developed and rolled out a electronic media & social media campaign in the lite of national narrative on FP&RH design for women and men of reproductive age. The media campaign was launched to promote family planning, mother & child health, GBV,  women empowerment and awareness on COVID-19 vaccination.

Rahnuma-FPAP worked closely with public sector to implement the recommendations for the country’s commitment of enhancing the CPR to 50%. These recommendations identify advocacy and communication to rally the country in developing a national narrative, create a sense of urgency in the country and involving men in this important role of family planning.

Moreover Rahnuma-FPAP along with other developing partners  supported the “National Advisory Working Group to establish and strengthen the family planning Narrative (Balance for Better) at national level. Under the WISH project to strength communication development process formed DCMCs at cluster level to get the grass root level (community level) information & feedback and subsequently transmit the community feedback into Provincial Advisory Committees. The Provincial Advisory Committees further refined the recommendations & feedback scrutinized and put forth it to the National Steering Committee for policy formulation in line with  National Narratives for FP&RH.