Choices project was initiated in August 2011-December 2014 with the funding of IPPF. Through this initiative, Rahnuma National Youth Network members were involved the in all its advocacy activities related to Child Marriage. Youth volunteers were also engaged as a part of national advocacy alliance against Child Marriage. Alliances and Networks at national and provincial were either developed or joined to augment the advocacy efforts on the issue in coordination with other partners. To control the incidents of Child Marriage in Pakistan, Rahnuma-FPAP focused its efforts at two levels i.e. Community sensitization and mobilization to reduce the incidents of CM and improved access to SRHR services by Child/early marriage survivors in targeted communities in Pakistan. Advocating to prioritize the issue at Policy and Program level and to create a conducive environment for its implementation.

Meetings with religious scholars (Imam Masjids, Nikkah Khawan of Union Council, Aalims etc.) were organized to discuss the implications of child marriage since marriage is a religious obligation but the education and health is basic right of every child. Religious persons (Leaders from local Mosques) were asked to discuss these issues in Friday sermons and inform people about true Islamic perspective in this regard. The draft of the Child Marriage Bills for Punjab, Sindh, KP, Balochistan and AJK were developed and technical input was provided in consultation with all major stakeholders from concerned provinces. The draft bills were shared with the parliamentarians and technical support were provided to them to expedite the process in their respective provinces.