The intervention was initiated with the financial support of AusAID to bring legislative reforms on Child Marriage in Pakistan. Through the intervention, commitments were solicited from government and policymakers for addressing the issue and revising Child Marriage Restraint Act (CMRA), 1929 in context of UNCRC. Interactive dialogues on Child Marriage with policymakers, federal and provincial parliamentarians, civil society members and representatives of different ministries were conducted. Further, a National Alliance comprising of 57 members representing 14 parliamentarians, 21 civil society organizations and 22 media houses committing to advocate against Child Marriage was developed. Consequently, a resolution for the revision of Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 was tabled in provincial assemblies of Punjab and Sindh. From the platform of MDG 5b and the National Alliance on Child Marriage, issue of Child Marriage was raised in Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and CPD 45th session. A short documentary was developed on the prevalence of child marriage titled “Sana’s journey”.