The ASK program is aimed to contribute to achieve MDG 3 (gender equality), MDG 5 (reduce maternal mortality and universal access to Reproductive Health (RH)), MDG 6 (stop the spread of HIV, malaria and TB). The mandate of ASK project is to provide Integrated Package of Essential Services to the young people and ensuring that promotion of sexual rights of clients. This includes reducing stigma and discrimination around SRHR for young people. The overall objective of the project is to improve the SRHR of young people including underserved groups (10-24 years) by increasing young people’s uptake of SRH services. The project is being implemented in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit Chakwal, Kohat and Faisalabad. Youth Friendly Services, an integral part of the project, are being provided at selected Rahnuma-FPAP clinics (youth friendly spaces). Building the capacity of service providers on the entire range of the essential package of SRH services, including abortion and working with vulnerable groups has remained very effective. Furthermore Mobile SRH Services Camps has remained very successful as these attracted a large number of young people and grass root community groups. These mobile camps were mostly conducted in remote and rural areas around the clinics (Youth Resource Centers) to facilitate access to SRHR services and information to marginalized groups such as young mothers, out of school youth and LGBT group. To further strengthen the ASK services at Youth Friendly Centers referral linkages were developed with private practitioners around the locations, almost 10-15 Private practitioners were registered at each of the project location. Furthermore MOUs with these Private Practitioners (PPs) were signed for expanding the outreach of young people. Peer Educators who remained an essential part of the project as these Peer Educators among in school/out of school, PMSEU and LGBT group of young people provided valuable information and counseling to young people. As young people remain reluctant to walk into SRH clinics, the experience of Youth Resource Centers (YRCs) and Mobile Camps remains quite successful in providing the information and services to the young people. Privacy and Confidentiality is the most important aspect of the service package for young people. It has been learned that Peer educators are very instrumental in reaching out to young people and needs to be strengthened as part of the project.