National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee shall possess and exercise such powers of the National Council as may be delegated to it by the National Council. The National Executive Committee shall advance and promote through advocacy the objectives and purposes of Rahnuma-FPAP.Undertake resource mobilization for Rahnuma-FPAP. It can review the Rahnuma-FPAPAnnual Report and Financial Statements each year, and make recommendations to the National Council in order to facilitate the National Council’s consideration and approval thereof.


  1. Dr. Rashida Panezai
    President, Rahnuma-FPAP
  2. Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi
    Chairperson, Rahnuma-FPAP
  3. Ms. Zarine Aziz
    Treasurer, Rahnuma-FPAP
  4. Mr. Bilal Ashraf
    Vice President, Balochistan Region
  5. Mr. Imran Hussain Mir
    Vice President, Federal, GB & AJK Region
  6. Mr. Ruhul Amin
    Vice President, KP Region
  7. Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Qureshi
    Vice President, Punjab Region
  8. Mr. Ashiq Ali Khowaja
    Vice President, Sindh Region
  9. Ms. Mahrukh Qambarani
  10. MS. Zoha Riaz
  11. Syed Kamal Shah
    Chief Executive Officer, Rahnuma-FPAP
    Member Secretary, without vote