Regional Coordinating Committees

The Governance has further been decentralized to the provincial levels as Regional Coordination Committees has been formed in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan, AJK/ Gilgit Baltistan. Regional Coordination Committees are responsible to:

To undertake resource mobilization and fund-raising in the Region.

To advance and promote through advocacy the objectives and purposes of Rahnuma-FPAP.

To constitute Advisory Committees, Panels and other bodies to undertake tasks the Region may require.

To receive and review periodic reports from the Regional Director on regional implementation of the work programme and budget, and follow-up action on Regional Council decisions.

To receive and review the regional annual report including financial statements from the Regional Director for onward transmission to the Regional Council.

To enroll, suspend or terminate members of Rahnuma-FPAP as defined in the Bye-Laws. In the case of absence, the Vice President/convener will designate a member of the Regional Coordinating Committee to perform the functions of the Vice President/convener during the period of absence.

Delegate such of its functions to the Vice President/convener as it may deem necessary.

1.            Mr. Izatullah (Youth)
2.            Dr. Akhtar
3.            Dr. Alim Baloch
4.            Ms. Jannat Manzoor
5.            Ms. Gul Noor Bughti
6.            Mr. Syed Muhammad Usman
7.            Ms. Sabra Arbab
8.            Ms. Saima Gul

1.            Ms. Sonia Jabeen (Youth)
2.            Ms. Huma Nawab
3.            Ms. Shama Lakhwera
4.            Ms. Saira Akhter
5.            Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Qureshi
6.            Syed Shabbir Hussain
7.            Mr. Jaffar Hassan Mubarak
8.            Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Farid

1.            Ms. Lubna Kausar (Youth)
2.            Mr. Ruhul Amin
3.            Mr. Hameed Asghar
4.            Ms. Robina Bibi
5.            Mr. Aqeel Muhammad
6.            Mr. Tariq Sultan Jadoon
7.            Ms. Shaista Begum
8.            Ms. Meher Sultana

1.            Mr. Ali Raza (Youth)
2.            Ms. Farida Hanan
3.            Ms. Bisma Shah
4.            Ms. Nayyer Sultana
5.            Ms. Razya Koreja
6.            Mr. Abdul Latif Zarger
7.            Syed Khadim Shah
8.            Mr. Amjad Ali

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