National Council

The National Council is the apex governance body of the organization and is responsible for ensuring the effective governance of the Association. The National Council advance and promote through advocacy the objectives and purposes of Rahnuma-FPAP and undertake resource mobilization for Rahnuma-FPAP. It formulate policies to promote and implement the objectives of the organization and consider and approve the Strategic Plan, Annual Program and Budget. The National Council receive, consider and adopt the annual report and audited statement of accounts. It consider and approve amendments to the Constitution, bye-laws, rules and regulations and  elect the national office-bearers of the Association and, as necessary, its representatives to international and other bodies/meetings. It also ensures that the management is institutionalized through a functional system and requisite professional competence and may constitute such advisory committees, panels and other bodies as the activities of the Association. It has the power to hear appeal from life/ordinary/voluntary members whose membership is suspended or terminated by the National Executive Committee and fix dues and subscriptions. For the smooth functioning of the organization it can appoint auditors and fix their remunerations and transact any other business with the approval of the Chair. It can also delegate such of its powers and authority as it may think fit to the National Executive Committee and as are consistent with the efficient governance of the Association.

  • Dr. Rashida Panezai
    President Rahnuma-FPAP
  • Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi
    Chairperson, Rahnuma-FPAP
  • Ms. Zarine Aziz,
    Treasurer, Rahnuma-FPAP


  • Ms. Rukhsana Ahmed Ali,
  • Ms. Sabra Arbab,
  • Syed Muhammad Usman,
  • Mr. Bilal Ashraf,
  • Mr. Shahzaib Maqsood (Youth)


  • Mr. Hidayat Shah,
    Vice President Federal, GB & AJK Region,
  • Ms. Shafaq Malik
  • Ms. Zahra Batool
  • Mr. Imran Mir
  • Mr. Mohsin Bin Iqbal (Youth),
  • Ms. Hira Subhani, (Youth)


  • Mr. Ruhul Ameen,
  • Vice President KP Region,
  • Mr. Aqil Muhammad,
  • Ms. Humaira Aziz,
  • Ms. Riffat Shaheen,
  • Ms. Lubna Kausar (Youth),
  • Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Qureshi,
    Vice President Punjab Region,
  • Dr. Naima Nawaz,
  • Mr. Khair Muhammad Budh,
  • Mr. Muhammad Abbas Mughal,
  • Ms. Iqra Alam (Youth)


  • Mr. L. K. Sharma,
    Vice President Sindh Region,
  • Ms. Anadil Rashdi,
  • Mr. Ashiq Ali Khwaja,
  • Ms. Nayyer Rubab Sultana,
  • Ms. Shumaila Saliq (Youth)


  • Syed Kamal Shah,
    Chief Executive Officer

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